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Family Law


In South Carolina the Family Courts handle all issues which pertain to the dissolution of marriages including divorce, separation, equitable division of all types of property, alimony, custody, child support, visitation and related matters. Additionally, this is the Court which deals with name changes, adoptions and juvenile criminal charges.


I believe that in these areas I am particularly adept at fully explaining all issues and the likely results, working to achieve the best results possible for my clients.


Accidents and
Personal Injuries


This area of practice encompasses automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, slip and fall cases, all types of negligence claims where there are injuries caused by the negligence of a third party. Typically, these types of claims are accepted on a contingent fee basis, meaning there is no lawyer's fee due if there is no recovery made.



Workers Compensation
This area of practice involves representing individuals who have received an injury while on the job. Such cases are taken on a contingent fee basis, with all fees subject to approval by the Workers Compensation Commission.
Criminal Matters
I limit myself in criminal areas by choice to assisting those persons who are not "career" criminals. By this I mean, I do not typically represent individuals who have been repeatedly involved with the criminal judicial process. Rather, I am most frequently retained to represent first time offenders, often young people who have found themselves on the wrong end of a criminal charge. I have had considerable success in the past in negotiating with the various solicitors on behalf of such clients. In my opinion it helps that I am not known in the legal community as a "criminal defense" lawyer. When I  approach the various solicitors it is always with the ability to say that I am representing an individual who does not have a history of criminal behavior and who is deserving of a second chance.
Probate / Wills


As my client base has aged (along with me) more of my practice is devoted to assisting individuals order their affairs in anticipating of some serious illness, incapacity or death. The primary instruments utilized are the Last Will and Testament, the General Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Powers of Attorney.


There certainly are other documents which are sometimes utilized, but these three are generally desirable to be utilized in nearly all cases. By utilizing these documents an individual is able to make his desires known both as to what type of health care procedures they desire to be performed , authorize another to engage in financial transactions on their behalf and state how their assets are to be disposed of in the event of their death.



Contract and Collection
This area of practice may involve the drafting of some agreement between various parties, the review of a previously drafted document such as a lease or a contract to buy or sell property. At other times the desired service may be involved in attempting to force another to do what he has previously contracted to do, or to pay money which was promised to be paid but which has been not. This a broad area of practice and potentially involves many types of issues.
Business Matters
I am available to assist clients in incorporating, or forming an LLC or some other business entity, including drafting of by-laws, operating agreements and related documents. I am also available to assist in the sale of businesses.
Miscellaneous Matters
For over thirty years I have been a general practitioner. I have worked on many, many different matters, not all of which are listed here. I am always willing to talk to a prospective client. If you have a problem and wish to speak to me, please call. If I do not handle cases of that variety I will refer you to a lawyer who does.


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